Monday, July 20, 2009

Pattern S.A.L.E and G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y

Hello Ladies,

I am spreading good news for all talented people like YOU!
If you are interested in accessories or clothing patterns, here's your chance to get all the patterns you've been dreaming of for the lowest price possible. YES!

Just go to, choose your patterns and email me the patterns' code and size. It's that easy!
Well, if you check website, you'll see that the price for each pattern is $4.99. Let's do the Math - it's $4.99 x RM3.54 = RM17.70 for each pattern <-- this was, WAS, but now, the web price is $10.17 x RM3.54 = RM36.00! for each pattern. (updated on July 23,2009).


I'm selling each pattern for only RM12.00 (!!), up to 6 Butterick patterns per-order.
If you want more, it will be considered as another order :)


.....order now for this SALE is valid from July 20th - July 31st, 2009.
**Sale price excludes See & Sew patterns**

p/s: don't forget to check the Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka giveaway! :)

Have a great day people!

1 comment:

Atiqah said...

wow sale..just what I love!..but too bad i'm not the talented 1 to have all the stuffs..hehee...