Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's The Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka Giveaway!! - OFFICIALLY CLOSED

So....this is IT!
My Giveaway Entry., you, you and YOU can participate in The Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka GIVEAWAY.

Yippie..hey hey...yippiee...!!

It's very simple, really.

All you have to do is :

1. Add Spinning Spool Shoppe to your blog lists
2. Promote Spinning Spool Shoppe in your latest blog entry and add Spinningspool Shoppe link in the entry
3. Leave your comments here as this would automatically register you for The Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka giveaway
4. Visit my other blog and leave comments there too.
5. Last, but not least join my site - be my follower, be my friend!

And here are the goodies:

**This black and white American Shorthair tabby.
just kidding eh..


4 Quilter's Collectibles Patterns

1 Funky Hearts ribbon (2.7 metres)
1 Floral ribbon (2.7 metres)
3 vintage buttons
2 green flip-flop buttons

100% cotton
1 yard of Cherry Jubilee design
29 inches of white paisley design
1 yard of small red floral design

clearer picture of the 2 fabby

And the catch of the day :

2 1/2 yards of Cranston Village Home Decor V.I.P print
100 % cotton

There'll be only 1 lucky winner.

This Merdeka Giveaway entry is valid from July 17th - July 31st, 2009.

So...let's get busy people! :)


melorr said...

Lynn! that's quit numbers of freebies to giveaway dear! You're so generous. Count me in!

LynnAmalina said...

melorr..gracias senorita!u #1 la babe! :)

Idayu said...

nak join gak..^^

LynnAmalina said...

Idayu, silakan join :) Anyway, dah lama Lynn cari link ke blog Idayu, since profile Idayu private, boleh Idayu bagi link terus ke blog Idayu tak? TQ dear.

Idayu said...

ni ayu..
satu lg..

nti ayu buat post psl ni kt sweetlilcraft. klu buat 2 post boleh kira 2 entry ke?hihi..

syazwi-aljabri said...

Kak Lynn, Syazwi nak join boleh tak? tapi Syazwi dah buat post pasal giveaway nie nama Syazwi dalam listkan?

terima kasih atas peluang ini!

Haida Hussin said...

Hi Lynn.. saya nak join jgk. Dah buat entry kat blog saya.

kakyong said...

salam kenal Lynnamalina..

kakyong dah jadi kawan lynn..
ur shoppe link kakyong simpan di sini, , cari dibwh kategori jahitan & tangan..

my n3 for is here

nanti kakyong follow up on your other blog tu yaa...

izue said... pn nk join giveaway ni bole kn??hehe..
anyway..come visit my blog..n ur blog link under craft heaven tau..

via said... nak join giveaway lynn lah...wah hadiahnya bannnnnyyyyaaaaakkk...count me in yer...leh check


sya dah buat entry.. sya dh jd follower dan sya nak mennag..

jessie said...

Hi Lynn, i wanna join your contest too. Fullfill your requirement already. Please check it out at my blog ya.

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

thst's a very generous giveaway...tak sabar nak tunggu keputusan siapa pemenang and i hope it's me...;p

miela77 said...

salam...daku da join n want to be ur lucky winner...please let me in...

here my n3...

jom makan said...

salam Lynn,nak join gak la...x menang x pe,just saya budak baru belajar...byk benda yang kena belajar...hehehe

Atiqah said...

yeah count me too...i've create an entry and promote ur blog as well as ur giveaway..the gifts look really attractive...haha..

the entry will only appear tomorrow morning as I'v scheduled for the time being..I just nk komen byk2 kat sni...hehe..can I kak Lynn?

LynnAmalina said...

Atiqah, boleh, boleh,komen la banyak mana pun.ok, esok klynn tengok entry giveaway klynn yang atiqah buat tu ya. thanks!:)

Atiqah said...

here is the link to my entry..

susu dan biskut... said...

Yeah! I saw your ads at meylow's blog and the patterns blew my head away!
Just perfect for my cotton baju kurung collections.
U can count me in sis!


deemumtaz said...

Nak join jugak.... please count me on... hadiahnyer memang HEBAT. Hope you always be success in life and business dear.. Salam perkenalan yer..

m.e.y.l.o.w said...

i'm in! i'm in! and yeah i'm promoting to others too!coz I know some of the friends would be very happy to know quite numbers of freebies that would be given out to the winner. I believe it's not about winning and getting all those stuff after all,it's about giving the approprite publicity to the right blog!! hehehe =)

as u said.."chance to revive it!"
(putting an exclamation mark to make it looks more catchy!)

guess I already fulfill the requirement,right sis?

m e y l o w

Sarah Rahim said...

Hi LynnAmalina,

Already create a post on the Merdeka Giveaway :) Do count me in too...

LynnAmalina said...

thank you all yang participate!!

to syahirahsyukri aka susu dan biskut, klynn rasa syahirah terlupa tulis entry about this giveaway and tinggal komen di blog klynn yang lagi satu la sis :)

anamarza said...

Hai LynnAmalina,

Join tuk meramaikan penyertaan tuk giveaway you ni....

mama alicianorman said...

Askm...saya juga tak mau ketinggalan untuk menyertai give away ni...heheh..

Saya dah buat pos dan juga syarat2 yg dinyatakan...

Ini link pasal entry give away..

shima said...

Salam lynn.. wah nak heart attack tengok giveaway lynn ni.. alhamdulliah sempat lagi.. k shima pun nak joint sama.

dah buat promosi besar-besaran

thank you very much bagi peluang.. terutama yang baru belajar buat blog ni.. semangat berkobar-kobar

shima said...

k shima dah link kan blog ni under shopping time. tq

Azie said...

I hope I'm not too late to participate. Do check out my blog : Wrote an entry about your Merdeka Giveaway in blog.

anjung kraf said...

blh join lg ke?hrp2 blh...

dMasyri said...

hye kak lin..
lambat plak dyg join..
hope masih sempat..
here the link..

Precious said...

Count me in. I blogged at Precious

Cik Adik said...

kak lynn, newbie trying her luck in this giveaways..

do visit me..entry juz 4 u ;)