Saturday, July 30, 2011

***Sticky Post Entry, Newer Posts Below***Get your SEW BEAUTIFUL magazine from me!

Hello beautiful ladies,

You can now get your July/August Sew Beautiful issue for only RM36.00 (price exclusive shipping fee) from me!


Just do this :

1. Email me the month of the magazine that you would like to have starting from July, 2011 onwards (no back issue please). So, it's gonna be the July/August issue for now.

2. Make the payment and provide me details of your self : Name, Address and Contact No.

3. Since Sew Beautiful is published 6 times a year (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov), you can pay the upcoming issue in advance and enjoy RM5.00 off the total purchase.

Sew Beautiful is a fun and informative sewing magazine and often gives you free sewing patterns on the centerfold of the magazine. Hip...hip...horeeyy!

The best is - most of the fabric used in the magazine is available right here - in my blog at an affordable price too! You could save up your shipping fee by combining the fabric + Sew Beautiful magazine in 1 flat rate envelope (up to 4 - 4.5 yards of fabric + 1 magazine = shipping fee only RM42.00).

Wanna it/interested?

Please Email me at

Take care and have a wonderful day, ladies! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

McCall's Patterns Is On Sale Again and The Raya Sale!

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

McCall's patterns will be on sale from July 12-July 16, 2011.

The price is RM15.00 per pattern

To order :

1. Click here to go to the website

2. Choose your favorite pattern(s). DO NOT choose pattern(s) from Stitch n Save and Hot Patterns and Out-Of-Print patterns, please!

3. Choose your size. You can click on the size charts for help

4. Email me the list of your desired patterns. Please list the patterns' code(s) and size(s) plus 3 additional patterns for replacement/backup patterns (patterns will not be restocked during the sale period, that's why I need that 3 additional patterns)

Example : Pattern M6354 - Size Y

5. Shipping Fee :
It would be determined by the weight of your order but normally the USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelope (RM42.00) would fit up to 9 patterns

Don't forget to check out The Raya Sale entry (just below this post), ladies!

Questions or to order, please email me at
Have a good day beautiful! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Raya Sale Is Here!

Hello beautiful ladies,

The Raya sale is here!

Yippie! :)

You gotta check this out!

Fabric : 100% cotton

Measurement : 4.5 yards = 4 meters 6 inches

Price : RM100.00 (shipping fee included).

Fabric #1 SOLD

Fabric #2

Fabric #3

Fabric #4

Fabric #5

Fabric #6

Fabric #7

Fabric : 100% cotton

Measurement : 4.5 yards = 4 meters and 6 inches

Price : RM135.00 (shipping fee included)

Fabric #8

Fabric #9

Fabric #10

Fabric #11

Fabric #12

Fabric #13

Fabric #14

Fabric #15 SOLD

Fabric #16

Fabric #17

Fabric #18

Fabric #19

Fabric #20

Fabric #21


Email me at