Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Date

Hello beautiful ladies,

Check out our exclusive October fabrics.

Let's start with something Sweet.


You can click picture for bigger view

RM40.00 per-yard

For panel lovers, there's something for you too,

RM45.00 per panel

"Little One" collection by Katie Hennagir for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
100% organic cotton
Available in 2 fun colors : Dusty Pink and Pumpkin
24' x 44' panel
Instructions are printed on the panel
6 bibs can be combined or used with other matching fabric
Be creative and turn this fun panel into many things!

RM45.00 per panel

"Sweet Shoppe" collection by Michele D'Amore for Benartex
100% cotton
24' x 44' panel

RM48.00 per panel

"Woodland Friends" collection by Debi Hron for Henry Glass & Co
100% cotton
36' x 44' panel

For momma little girl,

RM45.00 per panel

Rag Dolls from "Play Date" collection by Patti Young for Michael Miller Fabrics
100% cotton
24' x 44 ' panel features dolls' front and back (there are 3 dolls all together)
Dolls are about 19' tall
Instructions are printed on the panel

For girlfriends,

RM38.00 per yard

"Day In The Park" by Trans Pacific Textilles
100% cotton
Available in 2 colors : White and Limeade

RM40.00 per yard

"Fairytale Princess" from the "Monkey's Bizness" collection from Alexander Henry
100% cotton

The flat rate envelope could fit up to 5-6 yards of fabrics - it'll only costs you RM42.00 (that's about RM7.00-RM8.00 per yard)

Like it?
Wanna it?

Kindly email me to order : :)

take care and stay safe beautiful ladies!


Nik kamisah said...

i like all the designs of fabrics on your blog..we hardly find here in Malaysia..and the sewing books make me crazy

LynnAmalina said...

Thank you Nik. :)