Saturday, July 30, 2011

***Sticky Post Entry, Newer Posts Below***Get your SEW BEAUTIFUL magazine from me!

Hello beautiful ladies,

You can now get your July/August Sew Beautiful issue for only RM36.00 (price exclusive shipping fee) from me!


Just do this :

1. Email me the month of the magazine that you would like to have starting from July, 2011 onwards (no back issue please). So, it's gonna be the July/August issue for now.

2. Make the payment and provide me details of your self : Name, Address and Contact No.

3. Since Sew Beautiful is published 6 times a year (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov), you can pay the upcoming issue in advance and enjoy RM5.00 off the total purchase.

Sew Beautiful is a fun and informative sewing magazine and often gives you free sewing patterns on the centerfold of the magazine. Hip...hip...horeeyy!

The best is - most of the fabric used in the magazine is available right here - in my blog at an affordable price too! You could save up your shipping fee by combining the fabric + Sew Beautiful magazine in 1 flat rate envelope (up to 4 - 4.5 yards of fabric + 1 magazine = shipping fee only RM42.00).

Wanna it/interested?

Please Email me at

Take care and have a wonderful day, ladies! :)

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