Monday, September 20, 2010

New fabric and Spinningspool Shoppe Repeat Customer Price!

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

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Here are some new fabric available only @ SpinningSpool Shoppe.

What an eye-candy! all SpinningSpool Shoppe customers, please don't forget to check our new "Repeat Customer Price". It's our way to say "Thank you!" :)

Fabric Descriptions :

All fabric is 100% cotton
Hand washed or machine washed with same color
Do not bleach
**Fabric may shrink a little after washing, so if you plan to make an apparel (dress, top and even baju kurung) out of this fabric, I recommend you to wash the fabric first. I made few dresses, top and baju kurung with this material, it does shrink a little but it turned out fine.
**The fabric is also suitable for any craft projects.

Regular Price : RM28.00 per yard
Repeat Customer Price : RM26.00 per yard

Min. order is 0.5 yard (18 inches)

Geometry Flowers on white

I love Circles on white

Floral Dream

Poppy Flowers

Circles and Retro

Paisley Whimsy

I love Circles on brown

Fairy Butterflies

Girl's BFF

Geometry Flowers on pink

Questions or to order, kindly email me :

Stay safe, ladies! :)


anitakhayrani said...

just asking... the cottons available for how many meters? if i request for 4 meters.. is it equal to 4.5 yards?

LynnAmalina said...

to anitakhayrani, it is available for as much as u like and as little as 0.5 yard (18 inches). And yes, if you like to have 4 meters, it is roughly 4.5 yards -- which is just 6 inches more than 4 meters (you'll get 4 meter and 6 inches). 1 yard = 36 inches while 1 meter = 39 inches.
hope this helps. thank you! :)