Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pattern Sale : SIMPLICITY

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Pattern sale is BACK!

Simplicity patterns will be on sale from August 5 - August 8, 2010.

How to order :

1. Choose your favorite patterns
go to : Simplicity Website --- > patterns ---> choose any patterns from the menu

2. Get the patterns' code

3. Get the patterns' size
Your can refer to the International Sizing menu for sizes

4. Email me the patterns' code and size.
Kindly provide me with at least 2 backup patterns just in case any of your desirable patterns is not available

5. Provide me with details of yourself : Name, Address, Phone No.

6. Make a payment

7. Your pattern will be shipped to you using the USPS flat rate envelope or First Class International Mail.

Price per pattern is RM15.00.

This sale excludes It's So Easy and New Look patterns.

Kindly email me at

Thank you and take care ladies! :)

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