Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snap Pliers Kit

Hello beautiful ladies,

This entry is not about fabric but something related to it.

This tool is so useful for creative people like you.


Yup! For snaps!

click picture for details

The price for 1 set of Pliers Kit is RM50.00.

The Snap Pliers Kit come with these items:

1 Snap Pliers

2 Rubber Rings

1 Adapter

5 Sockets

5 Studs

10 Ring Prongs

Additional snaps are also available

click on picture B for more color snaps.

Also, snaps pack is available for an additional RM11.00

The pack includes :

7 studs

7 sockets

14 ring prongs.



Or to order, kindly email me at

Friendly note:
Prices are excluding shipping fee.
Kindly note that shipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of your order.

Have a creative day, people! :)


Ann said...

Hello there, do you still have this kit? Is this the plier for snap button? i mean can it be used on fabrics?

LynnAmalina said...

Anna, yes, I still have the pliers. It can be used on fabric.It's for aluminum snaps and cannot be used for plastic snaps.

IbuAmirAmirah ;P said...

do ypu still have this snap button kit..?

Together with additional button..?

LynnAmalina said...

salam ibuAmirAmirah, snap button kit masih available. email lynn untuk details ya. thank you!