Thursday, April 22, 2010

McCalls 6102 and McCalls Sewing Patterns Sale - 22 April - 25 April, 2010

Hello Ladies,

Something to share with you - yes you, you, you and you pretty ladies!

I've made this for my beloved mom.

Since she'll be going to Mecca this July, I plan to surprise her with something handmade with lots of TLC-ish. :)

Jubah is something I could think of apart from bags and tudungs for her.

I plan to make few jubah for her, but for the above jubah, I've used McCalls 6102 pattern.

I improvised pattern no.3 a little bit - make the length and sleeves longer.

And I must say that this pattern is super easy - no zipper needed.

It says 1 hour dress - and that actually refers to the sewing time.

It took me like a day and a half to get it done, from pattern cutting to sewing.

And I take 5, every now and then - to take care other stuffs. :)

So, there you go.

Hope I've answered your questions regarding my sewing patterns.

I've used it - and I love it.

I used to make jubah from scratch - body measurement, transfer it fabric bla bla bla....
but with sewing patterns like this - it makes jubah making easier and simpler.

Of course the original pattern is not jubah per se, but a little bit of creativity is all you need to transform it to jubah / long maxi dress.

Oh, and the fabric I used for my mom's jubah is from Michael Miller - Midnight Mums.

Got it from a local store here.

The price is o.k.

And, McCalls patterns will be on sale from April 22 - April 25, 2010.

Kindly check McCalls website, get your patterns and email me the codes and sizes.

And voila! you are all set.

Price : RM15.00 per pattern


12 patterns : RM75.00
8-9 patterns : RM42.00 (flat rate envelope)
3-4 patterns : RM32.00
1-2 patterns : RM12.00

So ladies, if you have questions, kindly email me at

Have a beautiful, beautiful day, pretty!!


Liz Othman said...

Hmmmm.....nice. I loike!!!

LynnAmalina said...

thank u nok. ni yang mak jait sampai "rebah" seminggu.

Liz Othman said...

Salam, wah xcover ayu ker....anyway berhasil la gak rebahmu itew, mak ko sure banggaaa....