Saturday, January 16, 2010

From the Ratcha Anachak Thai

Hello Ladies,

Again....thank you ALL for your kind emails :)

Apart from the usual fabby questions and patterns booking, many have also asked about my whereabouts. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Well people ..................

I am currently in the heart of Thailand Thai Silk! yeayness!!

....and I will of course spy on those gorgeous Thai Silk - lah . :D

So, if the requests for Thai Silk is overwhelming, I might consider adding Thai Silk in this e-shoppe as well.

Here's some of the Thai Silk I'm blabbering about.

The Royal Thai Silk from The Kingdom of Thailand
4 yards
(2 yards x 2-ply plain Thai Silk and 2 yards x 2-ply striped Thai Silk )

Price : RM250.00
Postage Fee : RM5.00 (within Malaysia)
Note : This is a Gold Peacock quality Thai Silk.







The Gold Peacock Emblem

Bite that! ;p

Note About Thai Silk :

What is Ply? :
Ply refers to the number of threads used when weaving silk cloth. More ply means more thickness and less smoothness. The current standard is 2-ply.

Thai Silk Quality :


The peacock emblem was granted by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit to protect the reputation of Thai silk from imitation fabrics.

It consists of four colors:
Gold - for premium, using traditional methods;
Silver - for specific silkworm breeds;
Blue - for silk with chemical dyes;
Green - for silk blended with other fabrics.

If you like what you see, kindly email me at :

Have a great day people! :)

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