Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something New

Hello Ladies,

Hope everything went well for you ladies - Hari Raya, Baju Raya, Biskut Raya, Health etc. :)
I'm sure there'll be many "open houses/offices" for you to attend. Whatever your plan will be for next week or the week after - please drive safe people!

Well, I'm back. :)
Pardon me for my long absence, ladies. Been busy with bla..blah..blah...

HOWEVER, please check out the new fabrics available @Spinningspool Shoppe for all cotton lovers like you! Fabrics are suitable for baju kurung and crafts. :)

Calico - Peacock Feathers
100% cotton
Price : RM29.00 per - yard

Calico - Lilac Large Floral
100% cotton
Price : RM22.00 per-yard

Calico - Fanciful Swirl
100% cotton
Price : RM29.00 per-yard

Calico - Blue Dots
100% cotton
Price : RM28.00 per-yard

Heidi Grace - Closet Words on Pink
100% cotton
Price : RM28.00 per-yard

Heidi Grace - Circles on yellow
100% cotton
Price : RM28.00

Have a wonderful day people!

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